Soundproof Dog Kennel

Posted June 20th, 2011 by Ritzy

Ahead of the 4th of July, why not protect your pooch from those noisy fireworks? Why don’t you come and join us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our videos and other animal stories!! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Tumblr: For more dog videos: Most recent U-zoo videos.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Soundproof Dog Kennel”

  1. Coolguy2397

    hmmm i think dogs/cats need air to breath.. sounds like what u described in this video is that nothing can get in or out of the walls.. no air?? i feel bad for the owners dog.. an $500??? ohhh ya okay lets just take out $500 out of our pocket to buy one when we can just move them in our house or in our bathroom for the 4th of july.. let make sure they pee b4 the fireworks start.. ??

  2. Shanongao

    WAIT WTF ppl in the UK celebrates 4 of july??…..AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!

  3. awesomegirlO

    How do they breathe?

  4. rblondie37

    Where I live as soon as weather is nice EVERY WKND fireworks are set off! This would be great for my wee chihuahua :•] I wonder if it works for thunder storms ?@-@? Every single dog I have owned have all had these same two fears.

  5. NumNutzo101

    do they have a version that soudproofs the other way around?

  6. topliff12345

    @blainflame i presume this clip is aimed at a US audience because generally we don’t celebrate the 4th of july.

  7. ListalReview


  8. diademonster

    It blocks 85% percent of the sound BECAUSE it allows air to enter the kennel, otherwise it would be 100% soundproof, or close to it, and the dog would be dead.

  9. MrPaulAlcantara

    i soundproofed my car

  10. MrRiggyRiggs

    I need this for my dog during a thunderstorm. I never seen a 100+ pound german shepard get that scared

  11. babygyrlkatara

    @blainflame hahahaha didn’t think about that

  12. Breakfast221

    How do they breath? Wouldn’t a breathing hole compromise the soundproofing abilities (of course, I hope there is one so that the dog can survive)?

  13. vicrum22

    @edtri19 thats why my bedrooms’ soundproofed.. RAAW. (;

  14. NVno1

    @blainflame I was thinking the same thing…

  15. blainflame

    wait they were celebrating the 4th of july in the UK. But thats the day they lost thousands of acres of land 0.o

  16. Psalm15LifeGoal

    My dog would always hide either in my closet or in the bathroom during fireworks or thunderstorms. Two places which he normally despised! =)

  17. demonwolf1138

    How can they breathe properly in there? As long as that problem was properly taken care of it’s an excellent idea…. just lower the price down a little.. like to frickin’ double digits….

  18. edtri19

    Soundproofed so that they cannot hear you scream…

  19. punksk8r1792

    So how do they breathe?…… -.-

  20. Dragondrawer94

    how do they get fresh air? :S

  21. SinisterSkip

    For 800 dollars you can easily build yourself a larger isolated box…

  22. GodsChin

    Hope she does well – great idea – but $800 is a lot of money for a kennel.

  23. LonelyWolfesss

    agreed. CAN they breathe in there after so long?

  24. hassmann2000

    can it breath the there?

  25. leejumung

    first ! my dog needs one… oh and i play drum and guitar… pretty loud =)

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